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The Mystery QR Code Puzzle is the HamWeg Blog’s way of sharing funny Videos, Cartoons, Inspiration Quotes or anything that really doesn’t fit into any other category in a fun, unique way!

Once a month the HamWeg Blog will play the Mystery QR Code Puzzle. Don’t miss out on the fun and check back often to solve the Mystery. Other exciting HamWeg Blog games can be found in right sidebar of the HamWeg Blog.

Today’s Clue: The Story Coaster

Solve the Mystery

After writing the blog post about QR Codes (Breaking the Code) we fell in love with QR Codes and wanted to start a HamWeg Blog feature using these cool barcodes, that can display different types of information; PicturesTextURLs, and more. The App Store for Apple, Amazon, and Google have many free QR scanning apps.

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