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Over Five years ago we started a blog HamWeg.com to showcase, share and explore the many aspects of our warehouse of useless knowledge. Over 59,000 visitors have made our blog successful and have inspired us to reimagine our blog as a digital Magazine. The HamWeg Digital Lifestyles eMagazine is based in Colorado and produces free new issues to inform, compel and inspire you.

Thank you to all our supporters without you our dream of an eMagazine would never have come to reality! We are Mac users, TV Historians, Graphic Designers, Biologists, Historical Aficionados, Training Specialists, Old Movie Buffs and more …

HamWeg Autumn Cover

Our Autumn Issue kicks off with our in-depth book reviews in the Card Catalog section. We continue our journey with the Apple Watch in our HamWeg University section.

We introduce a dynamic file management strategy system in our newest section, Asgard. Our investigation of the Greatest American Detective begins in the Autumn Issue’s featured section — Television Historian. At the end of each section we will feature different games that we have developed, from TV Trivia and Celebrity Scramble to Picture Puzzles and Brain Teasers.

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HamWeg University  produces a series of Textbooks — HamWeg U Textbook Collection.  Check out our free issues!

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