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Need Your Marvel Fix?

As a Marvel Comics fan, collector, and historian it has been torturous to wait for the next Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film to debut. Not being a fan of Agents of SHIELD and now with the demise of the wonderful… Read More ›

Once Upon A Time …

“There was Three Little Girls Who Went To The Police Academy … and now they work for me and my name is Charlie” were the original words spoken during the first season of the iconic television series Charlie’s Angels which… Read More ›


Jonathan Quayle Higgins III was a former Sergeant Major in the British military based all over Asia and Africa during the Second World War. There were rumors that Higgins was a British Secret Service agent but nothing has been confirmed…. Read More ›

Cougar Town, Watch This Show!

ABC cancelled Cougar Town one of our favorite television shows at the end of Season Three. Fortunately, TBS picked up this boozing comedy for a 15 episode run to anchor their Tuesday nights. Cougar Town focuses on a recently divorced… Read More ›

On the Road …

On the Road… is a new series in our TV Historian section where we take one of our favorite games and reimagine it for the HamWeg Blog.  There is a rich history of television shows based in cities across America… Read More ›