History Heroes

Picture, Puzzles and People

We have gathered some of our most popular blog posts that feature favorite Instagrams, popular HamWeg puzzles and post that explore our Historical figures. This compilation updates these posts with all new original graphics, videos, 3D models and polls to take advantage… Read More ›

The “Speed Queen”

War heroine, astute business woman, pioneer in aviation and journalist are just a few descriptions of Lt. Col Jacqueline Cochran.  Little is know about Lt Col. Cochran’s childhood because she hid her past from all her friends and family by… Read More ›

Let the Sunshine in ….

Mária Telkes, the woman known as the “Sun Queen”, was an inventor and trailblazer in the mid 20th century America bridging the gender gap in science and the cutting edge technology of solar power and thermoelectricity. Mária was the daughter… Read More ›

The King of Cards

Howard Thurston, a contemporary of Harry Houidini, was considered the most famous magician of his time. Howard was born in Columbus Ohio to a poor carriage maker in 1869, four years after the US Civil War. Before the age of… Read More ›

Ziryab, the Blackbird

Adbu I-Hasan was a multi-talented Renaissance man as a poet, musician, singer, cosmetologist, fashion designer, celebrity, trendsetter, strategist, astronomer, botanis, geographer and former slave. Born in 789 near Baghdad Iraq, Ziryab first achieved fame as a performer and student of the great… Read More ›

Mother of the Double Helix

Rosalind Franklin, born into a wealthily family in 1920’s Notting Hill, London and started her short life surrounded by influential figures from the highest places in the British Government and Educational Institutions. Her Uncle, Herbert Samuel was Home Secretary in… Read More ›

“The Real McCoy”

Today, in the History Heroes’ Spotlight is a man that Booker T Washington in 1909 recognized for “having produced more patents than any other black inventor up to that time” — Elijah McCoy. During the engineer’s time he become a… Read More ›

The Racing Spy

Thirty-six years after the first gasoline powered car in America roared onto the streets debonair William Grover-Williams won the first Monaco Grand Prix. William was born in 1903 to an English father and a French mother in Montrouge, France. Grover-Williams… Read More ›