Around The World XVIII

One of the many goals of the HamWeg Blog is to highlight interesting news, instructional websites, cool videos and many more fascinating webpages we come across while navigating around the internet. This is why we started the “Around the World” Series posts.

Around the World PhotoRarely Seen Images of Jazz Greats pouring their hearts and soul into their art. Create out Frank Wolff’s gritty images of Blue Note Records. (See More)

Nathalia Holt’s book “Rise of the Rocket Girls” explores the important influence and contributions women played in NASA’s successful mission to Space.  Check out this amazing story! (Read More)

When working with computers you should always prepare for a disaster and have back-ups of systems and critical files.  To help bounce back from disaster it is beneficial to have an OS  installer drive ready.  Macworld has a detailed tutorial on how to make an OS X installer.  (Learn More)

With the connivence of the Apple Watch it is easy to forgot to grab your iPhone when leaving a meeting, restaurant or theater now a great new app — Lookout buzzes your Apple Watch when your leave your iPhone behind! (Learn More)

A hiker in Norway accidentally discovers a 1,200 year-old sword. Gøran Olsen had just stopped to rest as he hiked a well-known path. That’s when he noticed the remarkably preserved sword in the rocks. (Read More)




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