Create Custom Apple Watch and iOS Apps 

Workflow01In our ever increasing Digital World at the HamWeg Blog we find that sometimes there isn’t “always an app for that” when building customize workflows or clusters of actives. For example we want the ability to save a webpage to PDF and email the document all with one press of the finger.

An application by DeskConnect gives us the power to build  automation application that connect apps and actions together to automate things you do everyday on your mobile devices — Workflow

To build a customizable Workflow is pretty easy; just drag and drop together a series of actions from Workflow’s Library of Actions. Workflow includes actions that utilize the content on your device and interact with your favorite apps.

“With over 200 actions and growing in the
Workflow Library, the possible combinations are endless.”

Workflow works with some of the most popular applications like: Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Music, Photos, Camera, Reminders, Safari, Twitter, Airdrop, Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote and more.  Workflow works with iCloud to sync your customized workflows across all your mobile devices.


Workflows can be developed to work with the Apple Watch and the Today View of Notification Center in mind for quick access, as well as, being stand alone applications on your mobile devices. You can personalize each workflow by selecting a custom color and icon. DeskConnect also gives you access to the Workflow Gallery a social network for Workflow users where you can discover advance workflows and connect and share with people all over the World.

We love the Workflow app because it connects to our Apple Watch as either a function inside the Workflow app, a Glance or a Watch Face Complication. This convenience  of building our own customized workflows that we can launch from our Apple Watch Face or Notification Center on the iPhone and iPad is a powerful timesaver and a true way to work smarter than harder!



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