Bond 24: Spectre Review

2932923-007Spectre is Daniel Craig’s fourth time as the immortal British Spy — James Bond.  Spectre is produced by Eon Productions (the makers of all James Bond movies) and directed by Sam Mendes the director of of the previous  Bond movie, SkyfallSpectre starts with a Bang in Mexico City and moves Bond along a course that seems familiar and different all at the same time.

The last three Bond films (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall) rebuilt the legend and backstory of our favorite Double-O agent sanding off the rough spots with each new film. Spectre is the finished product of this retooling with all the classic Bond elements front and center.

Spectre is the longest running Bond film in the franchise, which kicks off when a video message from the previous M sends Bond on an unofficial mission to kill an assassin from a sinister organization that has been pulling political strings for years. As Bond uncovers the personal and deadly secrets of Spectre; M and MI6 fight to save the Double- O program when Max Denbigh or C wants to disband all intelligence agencies and merge them into his new computer driven Centre of National Security.

Spectre has some of the most realistic and brutal fight scene in any Bond film before and scenes with Dave Bautista’s Mr. Hinx are amazing.  Léa Seydoux’s Madeleine Swann rivals Bond’s intensity and cold rage that makes her his “soulmate” more than Vesper Lynd ever could be.  Ben Whishaw (Q) and Naomie Harris (Moneypenny) bring a third-dimension to these characters that never existed before and infuse them into the storyline instead of being sideline characters that assist Bond in his adventures. Ralph Fiennes’ M is an interesting character whom in Skyfall was trying to “rein-in” the Double-O section to becoming its protector in Spectre.

As a James Bond aficionado (someone who as seen each Bond movie over a dozen times) we would rank  this film with a solid B.  What we really liked about this film was the interweaving of the last three films in a huge conspiracy that colors everything Bond knows about his past. Another aspect we loved was the homage to the last 23 Bond films.  There are so many moments to count that paid respect to past Bond films or actors, that we will need to watch Spectre three or four more times before we get them all.  One of our favorite homage moments was in the airplane/car chase scene where, with a cocky Roger Moore head-nod and salute, James Bond greets Mr. Hinx.

Spectre is a wonderful continuation of the Bond storyline and opens the next few films up to great new plots and villains, but its not perfect.  There a a few things we didn’t like so much about Spectre and it really surprised us.  After three hard-hitting gritty Bond films having some of the “70s” Bond humor return was nostalgic the first time and jarring and misplaced at other times in the film. Bond has been tortured in many films before but the “dental drill” scenes where odd and not really that menacing.  When Le Chiffre tortures Bond in Casino Royale that is a menacing scene.

Overall if you are looking for an action-packed spy drama, then go see this movie today!  Bond fans will not be disappointed and will enjoy Spectre on many levels. We hope the rumors are not too and Daniel Craig sticks around for at least one more Bond film, because Spectre feels like just the beginning!


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