Around the World XVII

around the worldOne of the many goals of the HamWeg Blog is to highlight interesting news, instructional websites, cool videos and many more fascinating webpages we come across while navigating around the internet. This is why we started the “Around the World” Series posts.

How to Download Beats 1 and listen Offline. Beats 1 is Apple’s new live internet radio station that showcases many new artist playing hits from all types of genres and styles. If you are a fan of Beats 1 but don’t want to use up your data listening to Zane Lowe’s voice on your commute to work everyday, you can download the playlist from your favorite deejays and listen to their chosen tunes offline for as long as you wish… (learn more)

Archeologists have found 2,000 ancient golden spirals — and have no idea what they are! Near the Danish town of Boeslunde on the island of Zealand just yielded a unexpected crop. An excavation revealed 2,000 delicate curlicues of gold, pounded thin and together weighing about a half a pound… (read more)

100-year old chalkboards with drawings still intact discovered in Oklahoma School. While preparing rooms for renovations, workers at Emerson High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma uncovered something they didn’t expect. Usually, they find broken pipes and wires but this time they uncovered chalkboards from a century ago, still bearing the lessons and drawings from children and teacher… (read more)

A long-forgotten Underground Tunnel in Washington D.C. is finally getting some fresh air. About eight feet below the surface of one of the busiest neighborhoods in Washington, D.C., lies a massive series of tunnels. Snaking their way under Dupont Circle and beyond, these dark, concrete passageways and platforms take up about 75,000 square feet of space… (read more)

Is the universe 3D or just a Hologram? New and ongoing research suggests physicists are using one too many dimensions to explain the universe. They say the cosmos can be mathematically explained using just two dimensions… (see more)


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