Apple Watch: Communication Hub

view-reply-text-messagesThis is our fourth post in our multi-post review about Apple’s newest technology — The Apple Watch.  We have looked out how the Apple Watch has influenced our everyday digital lifestyle and workflow from Apps and Digital Payments to being a personal assistant by keeping us up-to-date on all our important information including fitness goals and milestones. Today, we are going to focus on the features and tools that make the Apple Watch your communication hub for all your important emails, messages and phone calls.

The Apple Watch connects you to your digital lifestyle in many ways and helps you stay on top of all your communications. Email has become an important tool in everyday communication from business needs to personal correspondences. The Watch gives access to all the email inboxes on the paired iPhone. Customize Notifications so you never miss an important email again.


Texting and Messaging have replaced many basic phone calls over the past 5 years and have become a favorite way to communicate quick pieces of information like directions and meet up times.  The Apple Watch plugs right into the Messages app and displays Notifications and full Messages. You can respond or start a new Message anytime using Siri.  Inside the Apple Watch app on the iPhone you can configure default Messages replies like; “See you in a minute,” “I’m One My Way,” or “I Love You.” These default Messages are easily sent with one press of the screen.

Using with Siri on The Apple Watch is easy and an affective way to interact with the Watch. Just raise your wrist and say “Hey Siri” and a command like “Set the Timer for 15 minutes” or “New Message to Sarah.” Siri can also be activated by pressing and holding the Digital Crown.

WatchCallMaking and receiving Phone Calls on The Apple Watch is a lot better than you would think and is about the same quality as using your iPhone in speaker phone mode. The Watch allows you to see who is calling without touching your iPhone and: Answer the Call on your Watch; Answer Your Call on the iPhone; Send a default Text Message; Send the Call straight to Voice Mail or “Dismiss” the Call.

To quickly access your Favorites click the Side Button once to see your Favorites List and scroll through your list using your finger or the Digital Crown to make a Phone Call or send a Message.

As you utilize The Apple Watch as your Communication Hub you start to rely on the wonderful piece of technology to handle many of your correspondences throughout the day. Using The Apple Watch for Digital Payments and as a personal assistant in conjunction with the Communication Hub features has saved us time and energy interacting with our digital lifestyle and workflows.


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