Apple Watch: Faces, Apps and ApplePay

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 8.01.18 PMWe are continuing our examination of our newest technological breakthrough and timesaver, the Apple Watch by looking at the many different Watch Faces, Watch Apps and the digital payment service ApplePay.  Our last post reviewed the shopping and delivery experience as well as the WatchOS and hardware advancements that make the Apple Watch the most futuristic tool in today’s market.

There are ten different customizable Watch Faces to choose from at this point; Utility, Modular, Simple, Motion, Astronomy. Color, Solar, Chronograph, Mickey, X-Large. Apple has announced that in the next version of WatchOS you can make Watch Faces from your own photos and more.

Each Watch Face has “Complications” you can customize.  Complications is information from other apps that can display with the Watch Face like; Sun Rise, Timers, Weather, Battery Percentage, and more.  We fluctuate between the Astronomy, Modular and Utility Watch Faces depending on the Watch Band we are wearing and the event we are attending.


Apps is what makes the iPhone a powerful tool not only for taking phone calls but for organization, communication, travel, and fun. The Apple Watch is no different and has default apps that are linked to the paired iPhone’s applications: Messages, Mail, Phone, Workout, Activity, Calendar, Maps, Passbook, Siri, Music, Camera Remote, Remote, Stocks, Weather, Photos, alarm/Stopwatch/Timer, World Clocks and Settings.

Third-party apps can be used on the Apple Watch from Social Networking and Shopping to Airlines and Enterprise Productivity tools. Some apps you have on your iPhone now have an Apple Watch counterpart that can be installed on your Watch via the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.  We have a favorite website we visit to see all the cool new Apple Watch apps. Some of our favorite Third-Party apps are Shazam, GoodTasks, MLB at Bat, CNN, Fandago and Runtastic just to name a few.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.45.00 PMApplePay is a digital payment service that is used by iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 and the Apple Watch. ApplePay makes payments at retail and online checkouts easy and convenience as showing your device to a terminal. Being an iPhone 5s user we did not have access to ApplePay until we got our Apple Watch!

ApplePay keeps your payment information private by using a unique Device Account number associated to your payment information that is safety saved in an encrypted  area of your iPhone called the Secure Element. To find a complete list of participating banks, credit unions and credit card companies click here.

Setting up ApplePay on the Apple Watch is a simple process.  Access the Apple Watch App on the paired iPhone and select the ‘Passbook and ApplePay” option.  Tap “Add” to take a picture or manually input the new Credit/Debit Card to your ApplePay portfolio.  To activate ApplePay click the side button twice and your default card because visible and “Ready” for payment.

This is just the tip of the goodness that is the Apple Watch.  When developers make native applications that take full advantage of the design and Interface of the WatchOS this forward thinking device will have no limits. The Apple Watch has become an impactful piece of technology that gives me total control of my digital lifestyle.



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