Apple Watch First Impressions

AppleWatch1Apple has released its newest product since the iPad and finally after months of drooling and waiting the HamWeg Blog received our Apple Watch!  Like all new Apple products the Apple Watch has spurred lots of emotion from indifference to passionate love.  Over the next few posts we are going to share our experiences with the Apple Watch 38mm Stainless Steel Case with Milanese Loop.

The first thing we must talk about is the shopping and ordering experience.  We walked to our local Apple Store around 5:30 in the afternoon and within fifteen minutes we were being helped by a Apple Watch “try-on” specialist.  After trying on a few different sizes and Bands we picked out the one we wanted —the  38mm Stainless Steel with the Milanese Loop — we then we were ushered to an iMac to start the ordering process.  We were told by the “try-on” specialist that it could take 6-8 weeks for delivery, after we placed the online order the delivery time was upped to 1-2 weeks!

Here is the dazzling moment, the next day I received a text from Apple saying my Apple Watch would be delivered in the next three days! Three days after ordering my Apple Watch I had it on my wrist making my first phone call!  We have always been big fans of the Apple Store and purchased most of our Apple gear at there but this buying experience was truly world class service.

From the moment of opening the package we have been blown away by the quality of manufacturing and beauty of this microcomputer/timepiece. The Stainless Steel version is lightweight enough not to be a burden but substantial enough to feel alerts and buzzes the Apple Watch emits. We have purchased two more Bands to round out every occasion — Green Sports Band and the Leather Classic Buckle.


Right out of the box the Watch had 80% battery life ready to go … and the setup/pairing of the Apple Watch was a simple progress that took no longer that 5 minutes. The iPhone that will be paired with the Apple Watch must be upgraded to iOS 8.2. To pair the iPhone launch the Apple Watch app and follow the steps of setting up  language,pairing, Apple ID, passcode, and syncing of apps.

The WatchOS is a little bit different then anything Apple has produced in OS X or iOS but the learning curve doesn’t take long to navigate and within an hour using the Watch felt second nature and an extension of the Appleverse of apps and services we know and use everyday. Apple has introduced a two new navigation tools the Digital Crown and Force Touch which lets you press firmly on the screen which brings up additional controls and features.

“Digital Crown allows you to navigate nimbly and precisely, without obstructing your view. You can zoom in and out of photos, quickly scroll through lists, input data, or press it like a button to return to your watch face.”

The Apple Watch has a built in Heart Rate Sensor in the back of the Watch that allows for monitoring of your heart rate and calories you burn while wearing the Watch. These features ties into the new Activity and Workout apps that help give the user a picture of their daily activity and suggest goals and fitness milestones.

After two weeks of wearing the Watch it has become an important piece to our everyday workflow that helps us keep tabs on our tasks, calendar events, emails, messages, phone calls and more with just a flick of our wrist. There is so much to talk and share about the Apple Watch that it can’t all be contained in one post.  Our next posts will dive into Apps, Watch Faces, Glances and tutorials on how to send messages, make phones and setting up Notifications.


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