HamWeg.com Puzzles and Games Update

Over the years the HamWeg blog has developed six different and unique Puzzles & Games “TV Trivia,” “Mystery QR Code,” “Celebrity Scramble,” “Picture Puzzles,” “Brain Teasers” and ” Mirror, Mirror”  Puzzles & Games has a new home where you can access all our puzzles at one time.

Television Trivia is your basic tv trivia questions from current television shows to classics from television history.  Test your television knowledge against HamWeg.com! Picture Puzzles are four pictograms per game that use pictures, symbols, and letters to represent a word or words.  Can You Figure Out all Four Puzzles?  Celebrity Scramble is where we take a famous celebrity and scramble their face and give you clues to their identity. Can You Unscramble the clues and Guess the right Celebrity? 


Mystery QR Code Puzzle is the our way of sharing funny Videos, Cartoons, Inspiration Quotes or anything that really doesn’t fit into any other category in a fun, unique way! Can you Figure Out the Mystery? Riddle Me This? is our Brain Teasers Riddles that will really make you think?  Can You Unravel the Riddle and solve the puzzle? Mirror, Mirror is your classic “what is the differences” game but with a small twist. We take classic Nursery Rhyme illustrations and mirrored the illustration with 5 differences! These differences can range from different colored items to new or missing items. Will you be able to find all 5 differences?

We feature new Puzzles & Games on a Monthly Basis.
These puzzles are born from our warehouse of useless knowledge and trivia.


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