Our Bluetooth Heaven

Like most technophiles we @ The HamWeg Blog like to spend our hard earned money on high quality equipment from Televisions and Computers to Music Players and Home Theater Receivers.


HomeSpot Bluetooth Receiver

Many years ago we purchased a wonderful Receiver from Onkyo and it has served all of our Home Theater needs until recently. Unfortunately, our Onkyo Receiver did not have an option to connect to Bluetooth devices, leaving our five Bluetooth devices out of the loop in our Home Theater. 

There are many new Home Theater Receivers on the Market today that would solve our problem but we don’t want to replace our still very expensive and powerful Receiver.

To solve our problem and not replace our Receiver we turned to HomeSpot’s NFC Bluetooth Audio Receiver.  This little device plugs right into our Receiver through standard RCA or 3.5mm jack and translates the Bluetooth signal for the Receiver to understand.

The HomeSpot Receiver is a snap to setup right out of the box, and it’s pairing function works with many devices from all of Apple’s devices to everything in between with the touch of one button.  The HomeSpot Receiver can pair up to eight devices at one time. You can stream audio to the HomeSpot from up to 50 feet away, almost twice as far as most of it’s competitors. The sound quality is top-notch and near CD-quality because the HomeSpot Receiver has a built-in amplifier that does not distort the audio and offers high-quality sound to the Home Theater Receiver.


In the box

The HomeSpot Receiver bridges the GAP for older Home Theater Receivers to work with new technologies like Bluetooth. Bluetooth is pretty much on every mobile device on the market today and this universality means this technology will be around for a years to come and our investment of $30.00 will ensure our older technology stays viable.



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