HamWeg Custom Icons

Being a graphic designer our workspace must be visually appealing so that we can be surrounded in a creative environment. At the HamWeg Blog we developed our own icon set of Folders, Drives and Documents for our computer and workflows.

To produce our custom icons we used the applications; OS X Preview, Adobe Photoshop with a IconFactory Plug-in (IconBuilder). If you don’t have access to these applications, there are many great tools on the Mac App Store that deal with making custom icons.

Samples of the HamWeg Custom Icons

We have 40 different Folder icons (beige or blue), 24 different Hard Drive and Removable Storage icons, and 15 Document and Clipping icons. We have found a great and free application, LiteIcon, that changes the default OS Folder, Document and Drive icons to your custom icons quickly and easily.

Using custom icons is a great way to make your computer unique to you and your computing habits. Get started today and download IconLite and/or a copy of the HamWeg Custom Icon Set.



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